The Basics of Travel Blogging

For most people, traveling is a hobby or a way of relaxation, a temporary break from work, school or any routine. However, for some, traveling is more than that – they treat it as a spiritual activity, a process of personal reflection and retreat. These people are the two types of travelers: the hobbyist and the spiritual. However different, one thing is common between them – they document their travels.

Many travelers maintain their own blogs. In fact, a lot of people travel mainly to have something to blog. To be Travel Blogable to maintain a visually appealing blog, one needs equipment. You will rarely see a travel blogger without a camera, be it digital, mobile or professional. Some even take their drones with them.

This generation has produced thousands of travel bloggers and aspiring travel bloggers. The question is, how does it take to be one? What are the basics? Here they are.

  1. Find your inspiration.

Travel blogging is no easy task. It takes idea and passion. Of course, anything that does not inspire us is hardly interesting, right? The same goes with travel blogging. If we don’t put our heart into it, then we won’t be able to build a successful blog.

To find our inspiration, we should know our interests, our likes and dislikes and turn them into an idea. A blog should be based on what one mostly loves doing. For example, if you are passionate about cuisine, then blog about cuisine. While traveling around, try local flavors, take pictures and videos and write about them! That’s where you lay your groundwork. Once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy. Once you start enjoying, the process will be smoother and you can create richer products. Who knows, your work will be featured in a travel magazine.

  1. Set your market.

What type of people do you want to engage in your blog, or in your specific articles? If you know this, you can generate more views. You will need to target who to write for. Do you want your blog to be personal? Do you want it to target teenagers or professionals? Setting a specific target market for your blog is not a must, but it will definitely help you gain loyal followers.

  1. Decide on your platform.

CMSMost successful bloggers have their own domain which they pay for monthly or yearly, but many use several blogging platforms that allow them to create their own website and maintain it for free. As starters, we may begin by using these platforms (WordPress, BlogSpot, Tumblr, etc.) before going pro.


  1. Design your blog.

Our blog should be interactive and be designed according to context. For example, if you are a travel blogger who blogs mainly on cuisine, then your blog’s design should give off a sweet or colorful feel. This way, your readers will be encouraged to read and imagine the flavors you describe in your articles.

Also, we should make sure to use the right fonts, text size and the proper placement of any media we decide to use. These little things can make or break our blogs.

  1. Interact with other bloggers.

This is a basic rule in blogging. Blogging is an environment where readers and bloggers interact. To build a network, we must not only communicate with our readers, but with other bloggers as well. These bloggers can help us improve our work by giving suggestions and they may have an experience that can give us an idea on what to blog and where to go next.

Also, interacting with bloggers builds trust. Not only does it help us gain friends – our blogger friends can also recommend our blog to their followers. Once we develop trust among our blogger friends, we can do some collaboration with them and create more exciting experiences.

  1. Love the social mediaSocial Media

Yes, this is where we should mainly engage our followers, by setting up social media accounts where we can share our articles. Put up a Twitter account if you don’t have one, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube – all of them.

  1. Practice your writing.

Good grammar and knowing how to create proper sentence structures are essential to blogging. To tell a good story, we should know what to say and when to say “it”. Sometimes good packaging only depends on how well you write. In your free time, practice by writing short write-ups and review them afterwards.

  1. Learn how to create visual content!

We hardly encounter a good blog that does not have well-captured pictures and beautifully edited videos. To grow our blogs into appealing websites, we should know how to handle the camera and create appealing visual content. It is also crucial to implement the best search engine optimization techniques.

  1. Invest, invest, and invest!Start blogging

Save more so you will have bigger funds for your travels. You can also upgrade your equipment if you have enough savings.

  1. Start blogging.

It only takes an initiative to start a successful project. It does not matter if you don’t have enough idea on blogging. Just start, you’ll master the art of blogging eventually.

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